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FCKeditor是一个专门使用在网页上属于开放源代码的所见即所得文字编辑器。它志于轻量化,不需要太复杂的安装步骤即可使用。它可和PHP、JavaScript、ASP、ASP.NET、ColdFusion、Java、以及ABAP等不同的编程语言相结合。“FCKeditor”名称中的“FCK” 是这个编辑器的作者的名字Frederico Caldeira Knabben的缩写。

FCKeditor 相容于绝大部分的网页浏览器,像是 : Internet Explorer 5.5+ (Windows)、Mozilla Firefox 1.0+、Mozilla 1.3+ 和 Netscape 7+。在未来的版本也将会加入对 Opera 的支援。

最新版本为FCKeditor 2.6.3 & FCKeditor.Net 2.6.3。

Version 2.6.3 (Download Zip or GZip from Version 2.6.3

Fixed Bugs:
[#2412] FCK.InsertHtml() is now properly removing selected contents after content insertion in Firefox.
[#2420] Spelling mistake corrections made by the spell checking dialog are now undoable.
[#2411] Insert anchor was not working for non-empty selections.
[#2426] It was impossible to switch between editor areas with a single click.
Language file updates for the following languages:
Canadian French
[#2402] Catalan
[#2400] Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
[#2401] Croatian
[#2422] Czech
[#2417] Dutch
[#2428] French
[#2427] Hebrew
[#2410] Hindi
[#2405] Japanese
[#2409] Norwegian and Norwegian Bokmål
[#2429] Spanish
[#2406] Vietnamese

This version has been sponsored by Data Illusion survey software solutions。

FCKeditor。Net ASP。Net Control to easily integrate FCKeditor on 。Net web pages。




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